Bio Private Escort Laure

I am 29 years old, 1.67 CM long. My eyes are blue and my hair is from natural blonde. I am a warm personality, like to be in natural companionship with men who are relaxed and know what they want.

I enjoy the smallest things in life, the intimacy of 2 people enjoying each others companionship with a dinner or passionate intimite time together. Thats what it is all about. Together enjoy moments of luck.

More about me as private escort

I'd love an conversation with meaning, philosophize about life, flirt, get to know each other, being sharp and have humor... That is what keeps me going. In my free time i spend lots of reading, studying psychology, dinner and fysical sports.

My strongest character would be positive in life, social, tough, in for alot humor, natural charisma, listning ear, daring to show my sensuality, self-ensured, respectfull towards others and elegant. Let me also mention that i am very proud on my sandwatch figure that is given to me by nature. Parfum would be lovely from Jessica parker.

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